Copy of Charter Policies

Strict Cancelation Policy  

Free cancellations until 14 days before the booking start date.  50% refund of booking charges for cancellations between 14-7 days before the booking start date. Booking charges for cancellations within 7 days of the booking start date are non-refundable. A 30 day cancelation is required for multiple day trips

Extenuating Circumstances If a cancellation must be made outside the above time frames, Playful Charters will consider exceptions provided certain extenuating circumstances are shown. For the following extenuating circumstances, the Renter will receive a 100% refund and Playful Charters will not receive payment. Either party is able to cancel by contacting via email at or by calling 239-955-6069 to provide documentation to support the cancellation. Some examples of acceptable extenuating circumstances: A booking is within 150 miles of a named or numbered storm. Safety-related cancellations stemming from the event of lightning, thunderstorms, heavy rain, or heavy wind within eight (8) hours of the time the of the scheduled rental. Death in the family Natural disaster, Political Unrest an issue with the Boat that causes your rental to end prematurely that is deemed to be the responsibility of the Owner. For such occurrences when the vessel is hired for multiple days a cancellation will be processed, pro rata, for the remainder of the rental if the condition is not fixed within 20% of the total remaining rental time, calculated from the first tender of notice to the Owner regarding the condition, which has made the vessel inoperable. Owner cancellation, no-show, or no access to the boat. In this case, the boat Owner may be subject to penalties. A problem arises during rental that causes the Renter to end the rental and is determined to be due to negligence of the Owner. In this case, the boat Owner may be subject to penalties.

In some cases, Playful Charters may need to cancel a trip after booking to protect our users against fraud or for trust and safety considerations. Playful Charters will notify both owners and renters in such an event. When Playful Charters must cancel a trip, renters will receive a full refund.



  1. Please come 30 mins before departure as it is a decent walk down to the dock and to get everyone settled on the boat and for the rules and regulations before we depart.
  2. I would not recommend heels on the dock.  Since hurricane Ian, the boards are uneven.
  3. Dock can be slippery when wet, so walk carefully it wet, especially going down the walkway near Cass Cay Restaurant
  4. No RED wine, grape juice or anything red that would stain the white furniture.  Otherwise feel free to bring alcoholic and other beverages.  You may also bring your own food and snacks, again being aware of things that may stain the white couches.
  5. No shoes on the yacht, most people go barefoot or you may bring socks.
  6. No pets, we can suggest pet care if needed
  7. Nothing that doesn't come out of your body in the toilets, there will be a garbage can is next to the toilet.
  8. No spray sunblock or please apply on dock before boarding the yacht.
  9. Respect the captain and crew.  Though they want you to have the best experience, they are there to keep you safe and to make sure your time on the yacht is hassle free.  If you are on a charter with multiple groups and someone is bothering you, kindly let our staff know.
  10. Listen to all saftey briefings.  According to law, everyone that steps on board must undergo a safety briefing.  In it, the Captain and crew will introduce themselves and talk about the yacht's layout, emergency protocol, life jackets, and the like.  This practice is also an essential requirement for insurance purposes.  This talk will help ensure that your trip will be a safe and enjoyable experience.  This is important, especially for those who will be bringing children.  You will also be provided a saftey form from our insurance that must be filled out and signed before we can leave the dock.
  11. Handicapped individuals we may not be able to provide for.  Please call ahead to discuss.
  12. Watch your children.  Please keep an eye on your children.  Remember that the crew members have their own roles to fulfill on the yacht.  Yes, they are willing to assist you and your family in some yacht activities, but please do not rely on them to take care or watch out for your children.
  13. Inform the captain and crew about guests.  Part of the yacht charter experience is inviting guests and having a luxurious time with them on board.   Please inform the boat crew about your guests, who they are and how many you are expecting.  This will give the staff enough time to make adjustments on food and other essential provisions on the boat.  For sure, you do not want to encounter an embarrassing situation where there will be a shortage or drinks or the outings where we provide food from the trading post.  
  14. Respect local laws.  Drug usage & firearms are prohibited on the yacht.  Also respect other local laws that maybe different from state to state.  The consequences for such actions are high, the captain and crew are responsible for reporting any such behavior onboard the boat to the authorities. 

Final Note... These rules are meant to keep you safe while onboard a yacht. The captain and crew do not want to give you a hard time, the intention is to prevent any accidents.  Following these rules will not dampen the mood of your yacht charter.  On the contrary, a hassle-free trip will give you the best experience possible.  


*Please also note that we cannot guarantee wildlife, but will always do our best to find them.  

*Please tip our staff for the wonderful job that they do.  A tip of 20% or more is customary.  

Thank you so much and have a wonderful time on our yacht!