About Us

Playful Charters is a locally owned family business.  They are originally from the midwest.  The first time they visited the Punta Gorda area and found their forever home, and knew they never wanted to spend another cold winter back north. They had found their forever paradise. They lived on this yacht for a period of time during Covid, that's how they created a relationship with Ocean's entire dolphin pod.  Ocean would come by everyday to play hide n seek with their daughter.  He would bring her fish and splash her with his tail.  They felt like they were living out the tv show flipper.
Nick Fasano grew up in the Des Moines area, spending his summer on the waters boating.  He worked in the insurance, investment and commercial real estate business before becoming a custom hay farmer and a stay at home dad.
Audra Lynn Fasano worked in the entertainment industry and traveled the world as a model and actress.  She has graced the cover of Rolling Stone, and in the pages of prestigious magazines such as Vogue, GQ, Rolling Stone, Playboy and more.  She also lived at the iconic Playboy Mansion for a couple of years and was Playmate of the month, Oct 2003.  She also appeared on the hit show The Girls Next door.  Hence the yacht sporting the name Miss October with the bunny head.
After her modeling years she formulated Famous Skincare for Dogs to help dogs who suffer from skin and coat issues.  



Khaleesi is aspiring to be a marine biologist and her dream is to help dolphins by being a dolphin scientist with her own research vessel.
We are so excited to be able to share this wonderful experience with you. It truly is magical.